Telehealth Appointments

About Telehealth

Telehealth is a virtual option that makes access to dermatology care easier, faster and more convenient than ever for our patients.

Advanced Practice Dermatology’s “virtual care” visit allows you to stay in the comfort of your own home and gives you the flexibility to receive effective care at a distance, whether you are located in Helena in the remote areas of Montana. We can address a number of skin, hair, and nail conditions virtually.

How to Schedule a Telehealth Appointment

Call 1-406-820-3376, choose option 7 to speak directly with our patient care coordinators.

Message us via the klara app on our website.

Benefits of a Telehealth Appointment


Consult with a dermatology certified nurse practitioner virtually – and on your time.

Set up a virtual dermatology visit for yourself, your child, or another dependent.


Pick up appropriate prescriptions at your preferred pharmacy.

When to Consider a Telehealth Appointment

We can help with most skin related concerns. Acne, rashes, hair loss, nail disease, skin infections, rosacea, medication refills, spots or lesions of concern, and cold sores are just some of the conditions we can evaluate and treat virtually.

If you are sick or have had a potential exposure to Covid-19, you don’t have to wait to see a dermatology provider. Schedule your appointment virtually!

You can access dermatology care even when you are traveling. Virtual appointments can be done anywhere with internet access.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to prepare for my virtual appointment?

Virtual appointments require internet access. Good lighting is recommended so we can see your skin clearly. Choose a location that allows you privacy as well.

Is this service covered by insurance?

Due to the Covid-19 public health emergency, the federal government, state Medicaid programs, and private insurers have expanded coverage for virtual health care services. Currently, telehealth visits are covered by Medicare and most insurances. We encourage all patients to contact their insurance carrier to verify telehealth benefits.

What if I need a skin biopsy or in-office procedure?

Some skin issues involve the need for in-person evaluation. If your provider determines you need a biopsy or other procedure/treatment, we can schedule you for an in-person visit.

Are my personal health information and photos kept confidential?

Yes! Our online dermatology care platform is secure and HIPAA compliant.